southwoods city future proof address

How Southwoods City can give you a future proof address

Megaworld has been known for developing townships, making people surrounded by all that matters – easier for communities to live, work, play and learn – And Southwoods City gives you that future proof address!


Live in the center of it all. Homeowners from its exclusive villages Pahara and The Upland Estates will gave these majestic views of neighboring mountains giving them a breath of fresh air. While residents from Holland Park (RFO) and Tulip Gardens (Preselling) will have the ‘everyday vacation’ vibe as the have full access to its amenities giving them a modern and stylish lifestyle.

tulip gardens building
tulip gardens pool area
pahara mountian view


With its residentials placed just at the heart of it all, you’ll surely have unlimited access to the city’s conveniences without having to worry about traveling to far off places. Important establishments such as hospitals/medical facilities, schools, gasoline stations and so much more (UniHealth Hospital, Colegio de San Agustin, BPO Buildings and IT parks, transport hub, Splash Island). Talk about convenient living in all one place!

southwoods city future proof address


Southwoods Mall is nothing but a short walk from Holland Park and Tulip Gardens. It has all the shops you need; and unlimited dining options are available at your fingertips


Accessibility to essentials is the key to survival, and Southwoods City has long had that placed under its belt, truly a future proof address!

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