giant tulip flower southwoods city

Something new is coming to Southwoods City

Megaworld-Global Estate, Inc. is set to launch a new open park in Southwoods City, featuring various unique structures with a refreshing look that breaks the monotony of the city. 

Introducing Sparke at Southwoods City!

giant tulip flower southwoods city
illuminating tulip

Located along Ecocentrum Road–across Holland Park and Southwoods Mall–spend quality time with your loved ones at the pet park, kids play area, picnic area and dining area. Take Instagram-worthy photos at the giant rainbow and tulip flower structures.

something new in southwoods city

Sparke will enhance your neighborhood experience, making Southwoods City the future go-to destination in the South.

If you want to be in an environment that is both fun and pet-friendly, this is your spot!

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