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4 Benefits Of Having A Property Near A Golf Course

For those with golf on their minds, there’s nothing more wonderful than to live nearby a golf course. Imagine waking up, and a golf course near you is always a wonderful thought to wake up to. However, beyond the game of golf, living near a golf course offers its benefits and perks, too. 


So if you live near a golf course, what do you get? First, there’s the benefit of the game being so close to you. Another benefit is also that you will be able to access more amenities. 


Some of these benefits are also: 


An Avid Golfer’s Dream

The first and most obvious benefit of living nearby a golf course is playing golf daily. A lifestyle in a property nearby a golf course will enable you to become better at the game and simultaneously enjoy the health benefits of the game. Some of the game’s health benefits include reducing stress and improving focus, coordination, and Vitamin D regulation. The sunlight you will get can also help boost your mood and immune system. 


In addition, the amount of walking you get from golf can also help you kickstart an active lifestyle. Walking to 18 holes can burn as many as 2,000 calories, equivalent to running 6 miles! 



The next benefit you can reap is peace. Most golf courses will shut down at night, so it is easier to enjoy quiet and peaceful events from your real estate property nearby by nighttime. Before purchasing a home near a course, check how close it is to the course. You may not enjoy a peaceful living space if the home borders a path or tee box.


In addition to that, it will be easier to fall asleep because there is no noise. 


Higher Property Values

There is a rise in real estate opportunities near golf courses; buyers are more than willing to pay high prices for these real estate opportunities. While the initial investment may be higher than the average single-family structure, resale values in established locations could be more sustainable.


In addition, there is a constant demand for homes located nearby and within a country club. According to research, a view of a golf course helps boost property values by 15-30 percent


As real estate properties nearby golf courses have values that tend to rise more than others, they are very feasible and attractive investment opportunities. 



Golf is just the start of what living nearby a golf course can provide. Most of these neighborhoods nearby golf courses have plenty of common and additional shared amenities. Although golf is where most of the action happens, these communities have amenities that do not revolve purely around golf. 


Some of these amenities are swimming pools, fitness centers, and lastly, social events. 

However, the biggest highlight is golf, and as a result, owners are typically granted the privilege of having the first shot at tee times. This makes playing a round for practice or taking on a competitor possible whenever one is ready to take a swing at things. 


Prana Garden Villas, one of the newest and most premiere residential villages, is located near Sherwood Hills Golf Course. Aside from a golf course, Prana Garden Villas as a lot of unique and entertaining amenities to offer such as a gym, swimming pools, and a walking space.  


Wrapping Up

Although it might be a dream for avid golfers, life near a golf course provides plenty of enjoyable aspects for non-golfer people. One significant perk is a quiet lifestyle, which is crucial for peace of mind and rest. In addition, the amenities are also great as sources of recreation. 

Megaworld has unique properties that are nearby golf courses. One among them is Prana Garden Villas.


Prana Garden Villas is a luxurious residential village inside Sherwood Hills in Trece Martires, Cavite. Prana Garden Villas’ name is taken from the Sanskrit word for “life force.” It offers numerous luxurious amenities such as clubhouses and a swimming and walking area for the peak resort-like living experience. Currently, Prana Garden Villas boasts of 178 lots as well as a contemporary Japanese and Balinese architectural theme. 

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