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4 Housing Trends This 2023

The real estate industry this 2023 is slowly bouncing back after tough recent years. Interest in housing has never been this hot. 


What are the housing trends that will dominate this 2023? These trends will dominate housing in 2023, including classical house designs, outdoor spaces, and online real estate. 


Other trends rising this 2023 also include the following:


More Classic Designs

When you’re living in the Philippines, having a beautiful home is always a great future investment. In dream home hunting, more classic and timeless designs are expected to top the housing trends 2023. Classic home designs appeal to luxury living – as well as the image of a long-term and lasting legacy. 


Housing trends in 2023 will likely stay true to timelessly-designed houses as they are the perfect canvas families can use to build their dream life. Classic house designs are heavy on wood, with heavy and noble materials like oak, slate, ceramic, and marble with golden and silver accents.


Outdoor Space 

Buyers nowadays are also interested in a home with access to outdoor space besides amenities. In the Philippines, families are reluctant to give up extra outdoor space in viewing real estate options. In addition, home sales in areas such as Tagaytay and Laguna, which have great connections to natural and open spaces, have seen an increase in home sales. In addition, Baguio is experiencing a spike in interest in the housing industry. 


More Amenities

Nowadays, more prospective homeowners are looking for homes that offer more amenities. During the pandemic, being stuck at home means buyers are now looking for homes that will give them the most value for their money regarding features, space, and community amenities. Some also would want to diversify their real estate investment by purchasing homes in communities with luxury amenities. 


Some of these amenities that homeowners are now looking for include playgrounds, gardens, clubhouses, swimming pools, and fitness gyms. In addition, this year, luxury home sales will likely center around communities that offer more than just a comfortable home. 


Low But Growing Home Inventory

The real estate industry has struggled with low inventory levels for a while. What does that mean? That means the homes for sale were insufficient to meet buyer demand, a rising real estate trend that escalated during 2020. However, this year, the trend may be turned upside down on its feet. Since May 2022, home inventory has moved upward. During November, the year’s largest month-over-month jump rose. During the same time last year, 46% rose. 


Online Real Estate

Another booming trend this 2023 is online real estate. During the pandemic, many businesses shifted online. The real estate market was no exception to this digital acceleration. In 2020, the housing market boomed. Plenty of buyers purchased their homes without stepping foot inside first. However, the purchase was made possible because of several technological developments such as 3D tours, drone videos, and virtual staging. 


Searches for virtual staging rose during 2020. Although some offices and businesses will return to face-to-face operations again this 2023, some aspects of online real estate are here to stay. 

Online real estate companies provide home sellers with listings, contact real estate agents, and research mortgage options during the pandemic. 


Wrapping Up

Housing trends are always changing – much like the flow of our lives. It is due to plenty of recent events that have greatly shaped and impacted how we live and look at what our homes should be. This 2023, homeowners want a home where they can enjoy a more idyllic way of life and more amenities that can make their families happy. This is where Prana Garden Villas come in.


Prana Garden Villas is a Zen and Buddhist-inspired residential haven. Prana Garden Villas derives its name from the Sanskrit word for “vital principle.” Prana Garden Villas offers numerous amenities such as clubhouses, a swimming pool – and proximity to lush gardens and diverse flora and fauna. For luxurious resort-like living, Prana Garden Villas is your best bet. 

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