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5 Real Estate Green Flags – And 5 Red Flags

You must be smart and discerning when you’re out there looking for the next real estate property of your dreams. After all, no one wants to make an investment that isn’t worth it. It is critical to look for signs that this real estate opportunity is bad or good. That’s why we have our own “green flags” and “red flags” to look out for. 


What we all look for in a real estate investment might vary from person to person. However, some are shared by several people. 


The Green Flags

The green flags you should look out for at 

  1. Within your budget. Your financial situation is one of the most crucial factors when looking for a new real estate opportunity. Real estate is quite an investment to make. If you’ve learned that your ideal house/condo unit is compatible with your living means and budget, it is a green flag. It also means it’s time to make an offer. 
  2. It suits your current life plans. Another green flag is if the property you have found is also compatible with your current plans in life. As you look through each room, every nook and cranny of the property, if you can imagine yourself there – or what your life would be like, with the property in the picture, it’s a good sign. It means you’ve found a spark with the property and can see it as a part of your life for the next few years and beyond. From there, the pieces can slowly start to fit into place. The property can fulfill whatever need you have. 
  3. Your agent is knowledgeable. If your agent knows what they are talking about, it’s a good sign that you are in hands you can trust. It means your agent has taken the time and effort to learn the ropes and the ins and outs of the industry and the property they sell. 
  4. The location is ideal. The location of your new real estate opportunity is crucial because it factors in how your children can get to school or how you can get to your workplace. As a rule of thumb, do not acquire a property that is not in a place without accessible transportation options unless you plan to adjust your current lifestyle. 
  5. The area is attracting plenty of development. If the area is slowly developing, consider it a green flag. That means it will be easier to access institutions and establishments crucial in a community, such as malls and hospitals. That also means you will live in a convenient location. 


The Red Flags

If there are green flags, there are also real estate red flags The red flags of real estate you should keep an eye out for are: 

  1. Bad marketing. Marketing a real estate property is not a walk in the park. It is more than just making a spiffy listing online or sticking a sign on the front of the property. Marketing a real estate property requires effort. Your agent should network, use social media, and update their company website to market the property. 
  2. Poor communication. It takes two to tango in a romantic relationship. In real estate sales, it also is a principle that is applicable. If you are a customer who wants to inquire more about the property they are selling and exert the effort, your agent should also exert the same energy to meet you. Regarding communication, a red flag goes hand-in-hand if your real estate agent does not accommodate meeting you halfway in messaging. This means that they will not adjust or use the same communication channels you use. This is a sign that you will receive a different level of service and care than you want. 
  3. You wait long. In nature, the real estate agency moves fast. It is also about results. One way that’s easy to tell if you do not have a good agent is if you last had a call or showing in weeks. If the interest in the property is low, a good agent will do everything possible to fix the problem. 
  4. The price is low. If the price is low, then it might seem too good to be true. If the property’s price is too low, there is a good reason behind that: the property might need repairs or something just wrong with the property. When you find a property you like, it’s always better to check the industry prices. That way, you will stay caught up. 
  5. Water stains. Imagine this: you’re with your agent checking out real estate properties. Then all of a sudden, there are water stains. That is already a bad sign – this means a deeper problem. Something needs to be fixed with the property’s roof or plumbing. 


Green Flag Real Estate Opportunities With Megaworld 

In our search for the perfect real estate opportunities, we should also be careful where we check our options. With Megaworld, we can guarantee that you can get the best prices, locations, and a wide range of offerings for the lifestyle you desire to lead. Our two best are Prana Garden Villas and Tulip Garden Southwoods. 


Prana Garden Villas’ name is taken from the Sanskrit word for “life force.” It offers numerous luxurious amenities such as clubhouses and a swimming and walking area for the peak resort-like living experience. 


On the other hand, Tulip Garden Southwoods is a five-mid-rise residential condominium project within Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite, and Biñan, Laguna. It also happens to be one of Megaworld’s new premiere condominium projects. Moreover, it’s only twenty (20) minutes from Makati Central Business District and Fort Bonifacio, nearby Alabang Business District.

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