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Condo Living: Preferred lifestyle choice of millenials

As the coming of age group, millennials represent the biggest generation in history. They are born in the digital era making them the most connected people – computer-savvy, cultured go-getters. With their strong personality, they are achievers of their own and are wise enough to understand investment. One of their primary considerations in terms of investment is having their own home, a place they can call their own given their mature mindset, right age and financial capacity. Clearly, a condo home is a top in mind option for a residential property among millennials. Here’s why:

Integrated Lifestyle

They are individuals who are always on-the-go so they prefer homes that give them access to everything they need. Condos, in addresses that provide all of your essentials, are particularly rising in strategic locations in urbanized areas.

Proximity to workplace

For practical means, millennials opt to live in homes near to where they work such as condominiums near to or set at the heart of Central Business Districts. The nearer they can be to the office, the better.

Small home space for exclusivity

Most millennials prefer spaces they can utilize and maintain on their own such as living in a condo satisfies that need. They prioritize fulfilling their self-growth and need not much of large spaces. A space for solitary moments, everyday checklists and simple bonding over with friends will suffice for millennials. Also, they don’t want to own spacious homes they cannot clean on their own.

A space for self-expression

Condo homes, with its smaller cuts compared to house and lots, are easy to design according to one’s taste and style. Millennials are very well known to be discerning and expressive of their own flair. Definitely, a condo space gives them freedom to be who they desire to be.

Complete amenities

Another big advantage of living in a condo for millennials is the satisfaction they get in utilizing quality and modern amenities of a condo such as the pool, gym, game room, landscaped gardens, jogging area, function rooms and a lot more. Imagine the cost of building your own pool in your home? A condo home saves you that expense for sure.


Of course, one of the prime considerations in buying a home by millennials is the cost. Millennials, with their rising careers, can afford homes with flexible payment terms and highlights affordability – a sure win in a condominium property.

Safety and security

Also, millennials, especially nowadays, say yes to a home that is safe and sound. When you live in condo, rest assured that you are given 24/7 security, extensive sanitary measures and the best levels of home standards are being implemented by the property management to keep your peace of mind. It’s a sure thing that condo living is a popular choice for millennials.


In Tulip Gardens, a mid-rise contemporary condominium strategically located near to all your essentials in the emerging lifestyle district of Southwoods City, you can achieve a well-rounded lifestyle in a condo property you can call your home. This development has complete amenities such as pool deck and cabana, play area, jogging path, gym and multi-purpose hall perfect for the millennial lifestyle.

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