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Health Benefits of a Flower and Herb Garden

A touch of nature like having your own Flower and Herb Garden at home has positive impact to our well-being. Here are some simple yet helpful benefits of a Flower and Herb Garden:

  1. Free Source of Sunshine Vitamin
    Exposure to sunlight gives us Vitamin D that helps in regulating the amount of calcium and phosphate in our body. Vitamin D also plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation. It improves the skin’s immune system and helps prevent aging.
  2. Improves mood naturally
    Exposure to green particularly sceneries or clusters of plants like in a Flower and Herb Garden, helps calm our senses therefore enhancing our mood, keeping good vibes and positive emotions in our being. Nature helps equalize our bodies fighting stressors that are gathered from urban living, hectic work and busy lifestyle.
  3. Enjoyable Exercise Outdoors
    When you have a Flower and Herb Garden, walking, jogging, cycling or doing simple exercises by the lush greeneries will always be delightful. It means fresh air and safe spaces around.
  4. Aesthetic Elegance
    A Flower and Herb Garden will surely add a touch of aesthetic elegance in your home or the neighborhood. Plants always beautify any place it settles in. More than the lovely appearance it creates, earth smells sweeter as well.
  5. Fresh Produce and Blooms
    With having your own Flower and Herb Garden gives you easy source of fresh herbs you can use in cooking dishes for your everyday meals.Beautiful flowers also give a colorful picture-perfect painting-like scenery for every home that residents can enjoy the sight of.
  6. Healing Power of Nature
    Immersing oneself with nature helps us divert our attention from stress and focus our senses to the serene beauty of trees, flowers, herbs and where the sky meets the land. This way, it can help regulate our blood pressure, ease anxiety and depression, and increase serotonin levels of our bodies.
  7. Boosts Immune System
    Walking along paths of nature helps boost our immune system because of the presence of bacteria in the soil. It also reduces or eliminates any negative emotion in our body such as fear, anger, doubt, fear or sadness, so you feel better emotionally and impacts your entire well-being positively.
  8. Develops Mindfulness
    Being with nature helps us to stay grounded and be at the present moment. It helps us reconnect with our inner being and our surroundings. With this kind of environment, we achieve inner peace and deeper consciousness.

So, let your home embrace the beautiful and healthy qualities of nature with a Flower and Herb Garden at your yard just like in Megaworld’s  The Upland Estates. Live the life you love!

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