Wake up to your dream in Alabang West


As the sun rises and the birds start to sing, my eyes open
to the smooth breeze of the wind swaying the palm trees
along Beverly Boulevard and witness the painterly scene
of a bright morning sky unfold right before my senses.


Today is a restful and easy day here at Alabang West,
the poetic feels end my sleep, leaving my bed in breezy
warmth, getting myself ready with a cup of coffee in my
hand as I start my day and an ear to ear smile pondering
over that my vision of a certain home became a reality.


As I walk through my veranda, the sight of the serene
blue waters in the pool at the Grand Clubhouse with its complete
amenities, I feel so much gratitude grasping
concretely the synergy between the unique strengths my
home gives me – to be in proximity to progressive central
business districts, and the prestige lifestyle with its Beverly Hills theme with its
Rodeo Drive commercial strip completes the mirage of my dream.


Thinking moreover, now that I live here, I cannot also
dismiss the advantage of being near to essentials with
just a few steps away from Landers and Alabang West
Parade to fulfill it plus the exclusivity it gives makes me
feel safe and secure.


No doubt my home is a gift that gives me high spirits. I
am more than excited to wake up and live every brand
new day with joy and spend the rest of my life with my
family in bliss, here at Alabang West.
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