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Perks of Buying “Ready For Occupancy” Condo Units

As the Filipino economy increasingly recovers, investments, whether stocks, houses, or health insurance, have become a priority among Filipinos. Condominium units are also not uncommon. You may have heard about Ready-for-Occupancy units and want to know if it’s a better option.


“Ready For Occupancy” – also known as RFO units – have produced a buzz with investors and potential homebuyers. Here are reasons why RFO units are excellent investments! 


Easy Inspection

If you see and experience the condo unit right there and there, it makes condo hunting more fun! You’ll get to inspect the unit’s actual size, condition, cuts, features, view from the window, the quality of the materials, and the work itself. With these, it’s easier to evaluate if the unit passes your standards aesthetically and practically. 


Moreover, you can also visit your options and choose the one that checks off everything you’re looking for in a condo unit, especially where your budget is concerned. 


One of the best perks you’ll get with an RFO unit is to use and check the unit as a reference, especially if you’re aiming for a pre-selling unit! 


Usable Amenities

The amenities of a condo are also one of its strongest selling points. The more amenities available to it, the better it is. It is also guaranteed to receive high demand, especially for pre-selling units. Some projects tend to sell out immediately due to the high quality of their amenities. 


Though Tulip Gardens’ first tower is RFO, its amenities are yet to come. However, Megaworld has generously provided an interim pool amenity for clients to use safely while the other towers are still being built.


Move In ASAP

The best thing you can get from an RFO unit is that you can totally move in as soon as possible! Water and electricity are already available in the unit – and are also in the utility package! There’s also cable, telephone, and Internet connection. 


With an RFO unit, you can move in right after all the paperwork has been signed and submitted and the payments and fees paid for. This makes it ideal, particularly for families who want to relocate, expats, immigrants, and foreigners! 


A Worthy Investment

Investing in real estate is a good decision. In the case of a residential property, even more, because it enables you to earn in many ways, whether as a passive income source or selling it after some time! 


Renting your RFO unit as an Airbnb is also one of the best ways to earn! Furnish the unit with nice furniture, appliances, and decor, and then you can list and advertise it online to tourists, backpackers, and staycation enjoyers! 


In addition, if your RFO unit is at a prime location, its value will appreciate more. As a result, this can benefit you as properties in a prime real estate area have better saleability, allowing you to sell them at the best possible price! 


Get Ready For Occupancy Condo Units With Tulip Southwoods

Although it may cost more, an RFO unit is worth more than it looks! It is a worthy investment, and moving in has never been easier! It’s not just a unit – it can be a home, a source of income, and even better, an investment for the future! 


Tulip Garden Southwoods is a five-mid-rise residential condominium project within Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite, and Biñan, Laguna. Tulip Garden Southwoods is one of Megaworld’s new premiere condominium projects. Moreover, it’s only twenty (20) minutes from Makati Central Business District and Fort Bonifacio, nearby Alabang Business District. Its first tower, Apricot Tower, is RFO. However, its other towers are still preselling! Contact us at 0917 525 3797!

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