simple decor ideas for home

Simple Décor Ideas for your Home

We all want a home that sparks positive energy and displays our personality. With all of us spending more time at home, now is the perfect time to give update to our spaces! We thought of some simple décor ideas to help you start giving your own home a touch of style.

  • Fill up your walls with a gallery of paintings, mirrors and antique decors you can hang up on your blank walls. Pieces that are conversation starters will surely give your home more life and curious statements.
  • Curate decorative pieces above your mantel or dresser such as a clock, lamp, photos, artful objects and sculpture accents. Have fun in mixing and matching pieces and make sure to express your style charmingly.
  • Fabric pieces like pillows, tapestries, rugs and carpets furnish any space a cozy and chic look. Fur accents give off a homey and luxe appeal and texture to any interior.
  • Decorate any space with live plants, for sure you will be happier and healthier. It is a very simple and inexpensive way to bring life to any space and there are so many interesting plants out there to choose from.
  • Dried flowers on glass vases and scented candles help add nostalgic and relaxing vibes to corners and centers of your home.
  • Natural stones and metal works made of gold, brass or silver are good accents for center tables in your home. Aside from their attractive and sophisticated appeal, these pieces also help in balancing the nature in your home.
  • Ceramic vases, earthenware and porcelain jars are versatile home decors with an array from small quaint pieces to tall, large vessels that will certainly imbibe opulence to your home.
  • Stacks of books or filled up eclectic chic shelfies are good décor ideas for entryways and sidewalls of any room in your home. It can be paired or mixed with flower vases, vignettes of photos, lamps and ceramics for a more appealing style.

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