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7 Tips on how to maximize your own condo space

With most people living and progressing in cities, one best option for home is a condo. In vertical living, it is quite challenging to work on designing the space that you have, and so often, it is limited. Megaworld gives us these design tips on how to make the most of your own condo space.

Define zones

It helps best to make a plan of where you want particular items in your home to be placed. Once you are able to determine the purpose and design of each room including what it would contain like rugs, shelves, furniture, books, etc., decluttering and organization will be easier.

Glass and Mirrors

Aside from aesthetic touch, walls adorned with mirrors create an illusion of more space. It also makes a room look brighter because it helps reflect back light into space. Use of lucite materials such as glass table tops or glass partitions can also do the trick of wide views in your condo without sacrificing space and light.

Functional pieces

It is important to choose your furniture based on what you need more than what you want. Take note that these items will take up most of your condo space so it helps to make it light, minimalist, and useful enough for your home. Double or multi-purpose items will also be a great help in saving spaces such as shelves that could be used as dividers, or sleeper ottomans with drawers.


Since most condos rise in concrete jungles, gardens are seldom or never present. To bring more life into your own home, some indoor plants can dwell in blank spaces of your condo such as succulents and small pieces like snake plant, money plant, spider plant, areca palm, aloe vera, and a lot more. Aside from the fact that they make dull spaces alive, they also act as air-purifiers to clear out toxins circulating around your home in the city. Learn more about indoor gardening tips for your condo here.

Art pieces

Nothing completes a blank wall best than an art piece whether it is a painting, a collage of photos, or a sculpture. Art pieces will always make your home interesting and would define your style. Aside from sprucing up your home, art pieces can also be conversation starters and mood pacifiers. Planning to put some in your home will dare you in finding the best one to compliment the rest of your interior or putting up its layout right on your walls. Plus, these pieces will always be good investments as well.

Clean Spaces

Decluttering is the best way to make your home feel spacious. Making sure that surfaces are clean and organized will always create an airy ambience. Utilizing hanging shelves or floating racks adds a lot of storage and style without sacrificing too much space. Always remember that when a clean and orderly home is definitely a good home.

Finding a home you can call your own? Tulip Gardens is a mid-rise condominium development rising in Southwoods City that provides you a living experience that will uniquely cultivate personal interests and vibrant sensibilities in a home that’s simply a beat away from everything essential. Inquire today!

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