design tips for pahara backyard

4 Design Tips for Your Outdoor Space

From work from home days to lounging weekends, being able to hangout in a refreshing backyard surrounded by fresh air, sunlight, and greenery, will definitely help you destress or simply lighten up your day.

Don’t know how to design or fix your backyard? We have 4 easy tips for you!

Incorporate Greenery

We suggest decorating your outdoor space with lots of plants! There are a lot of physical, mental, and emotional benefits of being one with nature, and where better to experience that than your own backyard? You can plant your own kitchen ingredients in various stylish pots, low bowls, or even repurposed wooden boxes or crates. If running low on space, you may opt for vertical gardens in containers attached to your wall or hanging gardens suspended from beams, eaves, or wall hangers. You can grow a variety of plants such as succulents, herbs, flowers or vegetables.

Maximize the Space

Treat your outdoor space like an extension of your living room. Fill up your backyard with functional and space-saving furniture, with a few decorative accents here and there such as side tables and a stylish rug! You can take advantage of the free wall space at the back exterior of your house by setting up shelves to hold plants and even food for gatherings. Keep the back uncluttered by building more storage space or hanging swing benches.

Light It Up

Hang string lights around your outdoor space to make it feel warm and cozy while also saving on floor space. These look great at night, and also look amazing in photos! Make sure also to take advantage of the sunlight in your backyard during the day. Find the balance between putting up shade and sunlight spaces to get your daily and healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Make it Party-ready

Make your backyard ready for intimate gatherings, or even just meals outdoors with your family! Place a small kitchen and dining area in your backyard. You can add a grill, counters, a cooler or small refrigerator, and outdoor dining table and chairs to complete your set up. If the space does not allow this, you may use a rolling bar cart and foldable furniture for an easy and portable arrangement

Apply all these design tips in your very own spacious Pahara lot with an assured breathtaking view! Inquire about our offer today or learn more about Pahara here:Pahara Residential Lot


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