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Benefits of being one with nature

It is no doubt that our physical environment greatly affects our physical and mental well-being. Being able to commune with nature is one of life’s simplest joys that our bodies and minds need and crave for in the midst of this fast-changing world. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of us to be without our daily doses of sun and fresh air, especially those who live in an urban setting. Now, following proper community guidelines, we encourage spending time outside because it improves your general well-being! Here’s why:

Being one with nature improves physical health
  •  It encourages physical activity

There’s something about green spaces being accessible that highly motivates people to spend more time outdoors. Our bodies behave differently when surrounded with nature, making us feel more energetic and alive, therefore exercising while surrounded by greens, sunlight, fresh air, and sometimes even people, decreases the feeling of boredom (that we may get from indoor workouts), and nudges us to workout longer and harder.

  • It improves memory and attention span

Studies suggest that communing with nature can help improve your short-term and working memory by at least 20%. As humans, we are instinctively attracted to and focus on nature and our experience within it. Through this, we find peace for our overactive minds, and this refreshes our well-being, therefore boosting our productivity and mindfulness for our tasks.

  • It provides Vitamin D and prevents eyesight problems

With most of our days spent cooped up indoors and in front of computers, conditions arise such as Computer Vision Syndrome (CSV), or Vitamin D deficiency. Proper levels of Vitamin D in the body improves our immune system and prevents various diseases. Our eyesight also greatly benefits from looking at natural scenery.

  • It releases toxins from the body

With so much pollution intake especially those living in an urban setting, these result in damage to our respiratory system and difficulty in breathing. Being exposed to more nature and trees that release high levels of oxygen would naturally purify our lungs, release our toxins in the body, and make us feel renewed and rejuvenated.

Being one with nature improves mental and emotional health
  • It reduces stress and improves mood

Nature is the best healer! One of the most well-known benefits of being one with nature is stress reduction. Viewing natural scenery reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension due to stress hormones. With everything that is happening in the world right now, a quick trip to the garden or green spaces could easily alleviate your mood, and release dopamine or happy hormones in your body.

  • It relieves depression and anxiety

During this period that we spend more hours at home because of quarantine safety measures or work set-ups, we tend to fixate our attention to television, mobile, and desktop screens. The lack of time in the “natural” world has been associated with depression and anxiety. Nature helps us cope with pain and traumatic events. Because as humans, we tend to find natural elements captivating, we are absorbed and distracted by natural scenes from feelings of sadness, fear, and anger.

  • It encourages positivity, social interaction, and connection

Studies show that people with closer connection to the landscapes are generally happier on the inside, resulting in strong social relationships and positive approach to life. The emotional balance and clarity of having a strong human-nature relationship gives us the drive to face anything in life with more resiliency and focus. Taking care of our environment has built a thriving sense of community, inspiring us to treat each other with dignity and respect as we treat the environment the same.

Pahara at Southwoods City, with its rolling terrains, scenic green views, and blue skyscape is surely a sight to behold. The cold gust of wind with a view like no other within the borders of Pahara is truly rejuvenating for the soul.

Live light and bright in Pahara today! Send us a message for more inquiries or check out more details here.



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