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9 Simple ways to practice mindfulness

A busy life has got us too trapped with so many things to do that we tend to forget how to be consciously aware of every moment. In this fast-paced world, how do we become truly present? One helpful practice is mindfulness. It is when we are giving our full attention and engagement to each moment we are into without judgment. Mindfulness lessens stress, anxiety or worry for a more relaxed state of mind. To become more present in life, here are some simple ways to practice mindfulness.


Meditation helps you be in control of running thoughts and get your attention to focus in the now. You can do it by sitting or lying comfortably while listening to your own breath while in silence or surrounded by calming music. You put your full attention to your own breathing. Just breathe naturally. Notice how your body feels at every inhale and exhale. This practice is one of the fundamental ways to practice mindfulness to have mental and emotional clarity. Best to start your day with this to set the tone right.

Have a journal

Writing your thoughts and feelings on a journal is a good practice of acknowledging every present moment. It could be listing down all the things that you are grateful for everyday, writing a poem, expressing a concept or describing an experience as one creative learning on how to live in the now. Writing affirmative positive statements also helps you wire your brain with good thoughts and great ideas.

Listen to music

Listening to music is one wonderful way to relax your senses and calm your body. When you are paying attention to every melody you are hearing, you also understand how your body responds to it. Music has a powerful effect to relax our body and mind.


Letting your body do activities like yoga, stretching, running or workouts allows you to explore and feel sensations that your body experiences. Exercising the body is also a way of exercising the mind. Becoming more aware of how you control your mind and body during exercises improves your relationship with yourself as well.

Slow down

Mindfulness is also experienced when you are giving deliberate attention and careful thinking in everything that you do, savoring every feeling coming out in every experience and enjoying every process. Whether you are reading a book, brushing your teeth, eating your meal, getting dressed or writing a report, giving it an intense awareness is a good habit for sensible personal progress and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Eat mindfully

Being conscious of what you eat and knowing its effects on your body is important. Every intake that you give to yourself has an impact on the way you think and perform. Healthy food will always boost your brain and help your body become stronger. It is best that we opt for good food, eliminate junk. Understanding your hunger or cravings and why it occurs also lets you become more wary of your bodily sensations. Give your food full attention, take away the presence of TV, gadgets and social media while savoring your food. This simple practice puts you in the quality of mindfulness.

Have a break

Taking a pause from your day to day busyness and treating yourself to a vacation or just by relaxing and not forcing yourself to accomplish tasks on hand will also help you become more conscious of the present moment. Let yourself explore cultures and new places or engage in fun adventures or treat yourself to a rejuvenating activity. When you feel in doubt, tired, stressed or just don’t know what to do, sometimes inactivity or a deep rest will help you feel better. When you give yourself a break, you let a space grow from within and stretches your creativity so you have more beautiful ideas when you get back on track.

Be easy with yourself

Always have compassion for yourself. Remind yourself that you are doing the best you can to live a life of purpose and be your best version. When you make a mistake, take with you the lesson rather than dwell on regrets. Be a good critic with yourself and avoid negative chatter. Let positive thoughts run in your mind when you ruminate. Be easy with yourself, we are all humans after all.

Be with nature

Spending time to connect and explore with nature helps one gain mindfulness. By simply appreciating its rawness and beauty, you use your senses in full acuity. You let your attention wander in nature whether simply feeling the coolness of the waters, appreciate the boon of trees, be challenged by stamina inducing hikes or just by letting oneself be in awe of glorious skyscapes. Being with nature helps one increase the ability to be receptive of our surroundings and its infinite inspiration.

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