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Stuck at home? Here are some indoor gardening tips for your condo

Stuck at home? Here are some indoor gardening tips for your condo

According to studies, green spaces refine air quality and result in cooler temperatures. These green spaces also improve mood and attention, lower stress levels, and encourage a healthier lifestyle. Because of these benefits, it might be a great idea to put up your own indoor garden inside your condominium unit. These could also be a good way to spend your time whenever you’re stuck at home!

Grow small plants

With limited space available, plants that are perfect for small living spaces like condominiums should be your target. Luckily, these small plants include essential kitchen ingredients for your recipes like lettuce, potatoes, tomatoes, and peas. This way, the valuable space you have can be utilized for fun meals with organic and home-grown ingredients.

Find your sunshine

The type of plant you want to grow should depend on the directional placement of your window. Research on how much sun exposure does your plant need, and place them accordingly. Spider plants are a common indoor plant in the Philippines because it requires medium lighting, minimal care, and cleans indoor air pollutants. If your condominium does not have enough natural light, UV lights can help in the sunlight needs of your indoor root vegetable plants!

Give them space

Check the recommended depth of the container for the plant you want to grow before placingthem in your desired area. This will ensure that they will bloom in the right amount of soil and space for their roots. You could also do some space-saving plant placements such as creating vertical gardens on your walls or balcony posts with trellis or vine plants. Not only can these placements take advantage of limited areas, they also look great for your unit design.

Hydrate your plants (correctly)

Do not kill your plants by over-watering! Most interior plants require only a little (and specific) amount of H2O to survive and thrive. Plants like cacti which have become recently popular, can’t be drenched in water and need only some water attention every few days. Some plants need damp soil to flourish. It’s best to check on how much H2O your plant needs and develop a smart and regular watering system in your routine.

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