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7 Tips on How to safeguard your mental health while in quarantine

Quarantining and maintaining social distancing is essential in flattening the curve, but being in the midst of a pandemic crisis surely can’t be easy on any of us!

Here are a few tips on coping with the stress of quarantine:

1. Establish a routine

Following a daily schedule and accomplishing tasks could create a sense of normalcy, and could help manage anxiety brought about by the disruption of our daily routines. You don’t have to stick to a strict schedule! Plan out activities that you would enjoy, and take breaks in between too.

2. Maintain connections

Isolation should not necessarily mean loneliness. Make the most out of technology by connecting with family, friends, and colleagues through online communication platforms. You can do creative online activities together! Just always remember that you are not alone, and to reach out to those who might particularly feel socially disconnected at this time.

3. Take care of your health

A health crisis calls for a healthier lifestyle! Attend to your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing by eating balanced meals, getting plenty of sleep and rest, exercising regularly, and engaging in relaxing and enjoyable activities.

4. Limit media intake

Stay informed, but not overwhelmed. Being immersed in negative and inaccurate reports 24/7 can cause unnecessary stress to our wellbeing. Focus on getting accurate and helpful information about current events through trusted sources such as legitimate media outlets, government agencies, and medical professionals.

5. Balance work and personal time

Working from home might make it difficult to place a clear distinction from work and personal time especially if living with other people. Choose to work diligently with clear breaks in between, and change your workspace environment from time to time. Make time to do non-work and non virus-related activities too!

6. Practice compassion

We are all experiencing the pandemic together, and it is causing a lot of stress for many of us. Everyone is trying to cope with the crisis in their own ways, so don’t feel ashamed to ask for or extend help. It would be good if you could join donation drives, offer to run errands, or simply post encouraging messages online if you are in a position to help.

7. Take one day at a time

In this midst of this pandemic, the future might be a scary reality to think about. Do not underestimate the effect this pandemic brings to our productivity and motivation. It’s going to take a while for all of us to adapt to our new normal, so make sure to stay in the present, and focus on things that you can control. Together, we will rise again!

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