Property lessons in the time of Corona

A little over a month since community quarantine began in Metro Manila and nearby provinces, we have probably exhausted all possible activities, have come to terms with work-from-home  arrangements, and have made a few trips to essential stores. Admit it or not, your home is a major factor in how you’re coping during this time. So here are some things we learned that you can use for your next home or investment:

Surround yourself with green spaces

The color green, with its close association to (and a symbol of) nature, can alleviate the stress and anxiety we may feel at this time. It sure is great to live in a place that is surrounded by open spaces and flower and herb gardens (like the Upland Villas!) that can surely provide fresh air and ease the tension that cabin fever brings. If you live in condominiums, you may even consider taking up a little gardening to supply green in your unit. Property developers sure are riding on the trend and the need to incorporate green-living and eco-friendly details in their projects. Going green is the direction we all should take.

Accessibility to essentials is key to survival

With the strict implementation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), many cities and barangays deploy checkpoints and regulate entry in certain areas. This means that living near markets, groceries, or convenience stores – especially if they’re walkable – proves to be an advantage. Of course, taking residence near hospitals and clinics may also ease our worries just in case of medical emergencies. Your place having everything you need within reach should be one of the top things to consider when finding a new home or investment.

Township Living is the way to go!

Low-density living surrounded by your essentials, while providing the complete live-work-play lifestyle? This is offered in all of Megaworld’s townships like Southwoods City and Alabang West. Townships are built across a large area of land with spacious exclusive villages and condominiums surrounded by everything you need within your reach like groceries, hospitals, drugstores, gasoline stations, and banks. In a health crisis like this, property management also ensures that residents are safe and secure in the comfort of their own homes. We are not prepared for a crisis like COVID-19, but townships pretty much are.

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