Southwoods City township

We are not prepared for a crisis like COVID-19; but townships pretty much are.

With a city-wide lockdown announced two weeks ago, most of the people are now facing food shortages requiring them to leave their houses and travel to the nearest malls or grocery stores just to buy daily supplies. Different questions like: Where am I going to buy food? Medicine? Water? How can I go see my doctor for a checkup?” are starting now to arise because of the enhanced community quarantine and imposed lockdowns.


These problems are nothing major when it comes to township living. Megaworld’s Townships are built across a large area of land with the concept of “City within a city”; and that’s when you will truly appreciate the advantages and benefits of living in a complete community where everything you need is at the tip of your fingertips.

Having a mall, hospital, drugstore, gasoline station, and banks within your reach, like the township of Southwoods City and the lifestyle estate of Alabang West, is now becoming a one-stop living solution where you get everything that satisfies your needs.

And just a plus! Social distancing is not a problem with each project as these properties offer low-density and exclusive communities.

Southwoods City and Alabang West, the flagship township and lifestyle estate projects of Megaworld, perfectly give you the above-cited benefits with its perfect location, and endless convenience and amenities.

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