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Solo Living In The Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide

For some, living alone is exciting. For others, it cannot be very safe. Living alone has many benefits—you can choose the type of furniture and accessories you want, what and when you cook, and how little (or how much) you wear. With solo living, you can go from developing a stronger sense of independence to living completely on your terms. However, going solo can feel overwhelming because you are suddenly responsible for everything. 


But the experience can be great. By turns, solo living can also be transformative. This guide gives you everything you need for a great solo living experience. 


What Is Solo Living

Solo living is a lifestyle wherein you live alone, without any roommate. You shoulder the bills, cleaning, and food. It is also a single-person household. This kind of lifestyle is more common in wealthier countries. 

Financial capability is one reason people often choose to live alone. Valuing privacy, freedom, and individualism is also why people live solo. Big cities provide individuals with social support networks, supplies, and infrastructure to make solo living easier.


Pros of Solo Living

The perks of solo living are the following: 


  • More personal space
  • More personal freedom
  • You can sleep anywhere
  • You can play music out loud
  • You have freedom over your decor
  • Complete privacy
  • Opportunity to become more independent 


Cons of Solo Living

Living alone has its share of disadvantages, too. These are: 


  • Lack of company
  • Loneliness
  • No one to help
  • All the bills are yours


Frequently Asked Questions About Living Alone


Is it hard to live alone for the first time?

At first, it can feel like the experience is more startling – and that is completely normal and valid. For those more experienced at living alone, there are trivial things that might take a while to get used to others. For first-timers, there will be a lot of firsts, and there will be a lot of time spent on getting used to things. 


Although getting used to things can be challenging, being prepared for living alone mentally and in other aspects can go a long way. Another way to do it is to adjust your perspective as needed. 


What age do most people move out?

Most people move out and live independently in their 20s here in the Philippines. In the US, 27 is the most common age, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. It is an age where most have accomplished their studies in higher education and have spent a few years working and saving money to move. Meanwhile, from the Philippines, one rationale for those in their 20s are at an age where they are already working and may have completed their studies or have established their careers. 


There also is a rising trend of young adults living alone in the Philippines. 


What is the best age to start living alone?

There are only so many best ages to start living alone. Although most people begin to live alone in their 20s, there is no “best” time. Most moves are prompted by things that usually are not controlled, such as separation, the death of a partner, or a breakup. Others are also motivated by money, such as a new job opportunity.


However, the best time to move out is when you are capable. Regardless of age, there are some things you need to consider if you plan to live alone. These are your maturity level, financial status, and employment. 


How do you not feel lonely when you live alone?

To combat loneliness, consider building a routine that allows you to communicate with family and friends. You can get to know your neighbors and find spaces to enjoy human interaction. You can turn to old and new hobbies at home and learn new things. 


One big misconception that you should know, though, is that you are always by yourself. Now that we are in a time when connecting and checking in is just a text message away, that is not completely true. 


What is the anxiety of living alone for the first time?

Being anxious about living alone for the first time is common. You’re moving into a new space by yourself and you will have to start over, build new habits, and get involved with a new community. If you find that living alone can affect your life negatively, consider consulting a professional.

The Solo Living Essentials

The essentials for a solo living are: 


  • Mattress, bedding and pillows – You must get a good bed. You will need the best sleep possible right after you’ve movies in. The first thing worth your investment or time to get is a bed. You’ll also need bedding and pillows to make your sleep more comfortable. 
  • First Aid Kit  – A kit can go a long way, especially during accidents. You will need a thermometer, Vitamin C, and bandages. If you have allergies, you want to add allergy medicines in there. Your first aid kit is also the first line of defense if you get sick or feel unwell. Now that you live alone, you are more responsible than ever for your well-being. Being prepared for moments of sickness etc., can help you. 
  • Tool Kit – Putting things together and putting them apart can be hard for everyone. You can get a screwdriver, hammer and scissors for moving. You may also want some hooks and nails for decorating and making your place feel like home. 
  • Toilet Paper  – Don’t forget your toilet paper. It’s one thing you can ensure you never have enough of. You will need them for your bathrooms. The last thing you want is to run out of toilet paper while trying to rush out of the house to go somewhere.
  • Cleaning Supplies – You will need cleaning supplies as soon as you move in because you may find spots and filth the previous tenants might have overlooked. It’s also handy for cleaning minor stains, etc.
  • Kitchen Utensils – At first, you might have some things. However, you will need a few essentials, such as a knife, for cutting food and bowls. 
  • Clothing Hangers – This one is self-explanatory. The hangers will help keep your clothes clean and organized. If you don’t have a dresser right now, though, it’s totally fine.
  • Batteries and extension Cords – Usually, after unpacking, you notice you will need batteries and an extension cord or two. Those can help you surf the internet and put up some stuff.


What To Look For In A Solo Space

Like with looking for a house, apartment or even a condo near Southwoods, there is a certain criteria you need to refer to. By adhering to the criteria, you can narrow down your options for your solo living space. 

  • Location – The location is the biggest consideration. If you work onsite or on a hybrid work arrangement, living alone near your workplace is advisable to save up on your time and money. However, there is also a lot more to the location of one’s home. Your location should also have access to a transportation hub, hospitals, and shopping centers. Your location should also offer opportunities for more development so that you can also benefit from them. Some notable developments for areas usually include more buildings and eateries; these are usually good signs that the area is becoming more commercialized. 
  • Budget – Another crucial consideration is your budget. A move is challenging on the wallet, preparations for moving out and your day-to-day living expenses. Before you move out, you must save up more than enough for your living expenses, the move, and the things you need to buy. Some who have vlogged about their solo living expenses have disclosed having to buy new appliances and furniture for their living spaces. 
  • Security – Are the areas that you are looking into safe? Or do they have a reputation for being seedy? If the areas are seedy, you may want to put them under a ” maybe.” Choosing a secure and safer place is always better, as it can give you peace of mind. 
  • Space – Lastly, space is another crucial factor in choosing a place to live. Is the space amenable to your activities? This can also be another concern for those who work from home as you will need another space to work from. Separating the space where you sleep, and work can also help you unwind better, as your brain tends to associate certain activities with the spaces in which you do them. 


Ride Solo With Megaworld

Solo living is a brave but challenging undertaking. It is not for the faint of heart. Neither is it for those who are not financially stable and capable. For those who want to pursue solo living, you must find a safe place near a transportation hub to get everything you need. With Tulip Garden Southwoods, you get all that. 


Tulip Garden Southwoods is a five-mid-rise residential condominium project within Southwoods City in Carmona, Cavite, and Biñan, Laguna. It also happens to be one of Megaworld’s new premiere condominium projects. Moreover, it’s only twenty (20) minutes from Makati Central Business District and Fort Bonifacio, nearby Alabang Business District. Reach us via 0917 525 3797 today!

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