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More Than A 24sqm Home

After a long day, you return to your condo to unwind from city life. Right now, getting a place to live, work, and play is essential to city living. Sometimes, the amenities make up for the available space you will live in. The space has endless possibilities, so you make the most of it.


In investing in a condo, consider the location, amenities, and nearby landmarks. Condominiums have plenty of benefits, providing great perks for the lifestyle you want.


Perks Of Owning A Condo

A condo brings the home to a much more affordable space with better amenities and features. You live at nearby hospitals, schools, transportation hubs, and malls without having to drive out.  For example, you can visit the mall straight from your Southwoods City condo and get good exercise. Bringing these together in an integrated community allows you to enjoy life within walking distance. Keep in mind that the price of owning a condo varies and depends on the type of condo you want to own.


According to an article published by Global Properties Consultants, the Philippine real estate market continues to grow, even after a recovering economy. Therefore, owning a condo is a long-term investment.


These are the perks when you own a condo, including:

  • Flexible living space – Some condo living spaces may have a physical limit of 24 sqm, but you can innovate the available space depending on your lifestyle. A condo unit can be the ideal spot for any work-from-home job. You get the place to yourself. You can also use one room to rest and use another one as your workstation. 


  • Many amenities – Condominiums are part of an integrated lifestyle community, so you get to have green spaces, swimming pools, and gyms to work out. If you have a new family, some amenities can include play parks for children that want to discover new things. These amenities are within reach.


  • Passive income – If you own a condo but have no plans to live, you can use the condo as a passive income opportunity. You can rent the space to anyone who needs it and earn a little extra income. As a result, both parties will get their benefits. Keep in mind that the price should be in-line with the market prices, but you can negotiate the terms with your potential tenant. 


  • Great location – The biggest perk of owning a condominium is the location. Since it intersects with many essential landmarks, it makes living easier for you. Reaching your workplace or going shopping by yourself is easier when you live in a condo. If you need to go to a faraway place, you can go to the nearest transportation hub. It also lessens the burden of going out and spending more effort just to unwind. Location is the biggest factor if you want to continue living the city life. 



Living in a condo comes with many perks for your city lifestyle. You get many amenities within reach, and you can go to your favorite shopping mall or restaurant within walking distance. With its location, it can provide you with transportation links to reach faraway places without relying on a car. 


It is an investment worth getting in the long term. Ultimately, you get to live, work, and play in a place you can call home.  

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