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Lower your home’s electricity bill with these simple tips

The electricity bills for the first few months of quarantine has surely shocked a lot of its consumers. With most of our days now spent at home, many home and unit owners are finding creative and inexpensive ways to lessen their monthly utility bills. Here are our few cents to save on (more than) cents!

Get creative with your home lighting

  1. Use LED lights

This tip has been going around for years, but don’t underestimate its money-saving power! Around 75% to 90% less energy is saved with just making the switch to LED lighting from traditional incandescent lighting. Here’s another tip: look for the words “Supersaver”, “Wattmiser,” or “Econowatt” when choosing energy-saving lightbulbs.

  1. Apply task lighting

Lamp shades aren’t just meant to make your unit more beautiful. Instead of using your ceiling lights to light up the entire room, using focus lights such as table lamps, floor lamps, and the like, where it is only needed would save on electricity. These focus lights would not only let you “focus” on the task at hand, but these lights would reflect on two walls which would already provide sufficient lighting.

  1. Invest in light dimmers and smart lighting

According to saveonenergy.com, installing light dimmers in your home saves energy by reducing the flow of electricity to the bulbs which allows the lights to operate with lower power outputs. An incandescent light dimmed just by 25% can already save at least 10% on energy. Consequently, since the bulbs are under less stress, its life span also increases.

Look after your home appliances

  1. Unplug appliances and gadgets when not in use

A common misconception is that when appliances and gadgets are not in use, electricity is not being consumed. On the contrary, all your electricity-consuming items at home (including phone chargers, kitchen appliances, and gaming equipment) actually still cost you money when left plugged. The average microwave even uses more energy to power its clock than to heat our food.

  1. Look for energy-saving appliances

How do energy-saving appliances work? These appliances are designed to utilize the least energy in order to complete their function. This includes inverters (which are available in most appliance stores in the Philippines) most commonly found in air conditioning units, that controls the frequency and compressor of the units, making it consume less energy. There are also appliances that consume alternative sources of energy such as solar energy and water. Not only do these appliances save money, but they’re also good for the environment too.

  1. Clean your home and appliances

Here’s a surprise tip (maybe!): cleaning your home and appliances actually help lessen your energy consumption! With these being clean and dust-free, appliances work more efficiently and therefore consume less electricity. So make sure to regularly clean your appliances and utilities such as the refrigerator coils and air conditioning filters. Decluttering your space also allows more air flow which could result in a cooler temperature that may even make you turn off those fans and air conditioning units.

A good home (and lower monthly bills) lead to a good life! Now add that equation to the good community and amenities Tulip Gardens at Southwoods City has to offer, and you’ll surely get a vibrant life! Learn and inquire about a condominium unit in Tulip Gardens at Southwoods City today.





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