real estate still the best investment

Why Real Estate is still the best investment

With the coronavirus pandemic shocking and halting economic activity all over the world, there is a lot of fear and questions lingering around pursuing investments. Despite all the changes in our economy for the past decades, Real Estate remains to be the number one investment of all time.


Real Estate ownership provides an unmatched sense of security. Not only is shelter a basic human necessity, it is also accompanied with the matter of prestige. With all the current issues surrounding space and housing specially during lockdown, the people will seek to own their personal spaces. Since real estate is a tangible asset and is not paper money, reliability and return on investment is assured.


Real Estate investment is a safe investment. The property market remains resilient despite various threats to it because of its assured value appreciation. As more land gets developed into booming urbanized cities and  townships, and more property developers move toward provincial areas, your real estate properties’ value will never decline in the long run wherever you are.


Real Estate has been the most favored investment since 2013 according to a survey conducted in the United States. Even with the economic recessions, and various threats to the market, real estate’s popularity is timeless; it is also inevitable in countries with booming economies because the higher the economy, the higher the demand for real estate.

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