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What Does Wellness Have To Do With A Home?

Home is where the heart is. It’s where you sleep, eat, and, most of all, relax and come home after quite a long day at work. So what does wellness have to do with a home? Wellness and the home have plenty of relationships. No matter where you live, your home affects your wellness because it influences your mood, feelings, and activities.


In this post-covid world, the “wellness” of the property has become crucial in its appeal and value – and it has become one of the many factors influencing property purchase decisions. According to the Global Wellness Institute, a building’s “health” has become paramount, as buyers now view their homes as a personal wellness investment. 


Some of the factors that affect the “wellness” of a property include the following: 



Over time, psychological studies state a powerful connection between the cleanliness of a home and one’s well-being. In the study, Nicole R. Keith, a research scientist and professor at Indiana University, stated that people with clean homes have better health than those who resided and had messy homes. The study involved tracking down the physical health of 998 participants. 


The participants who kept their homes clean were healthier and more active than those who didn’t. Moreover, house cleanliness was more of a predictor for physical health than the walkability of their neighborhood and other factors.


The cleanliness of your home is also another crucial factor because regular cleaning plays a role in keeping your home healthy and safe. If you regularly clean your home, you can prevent and mitigate bacteria, viruses, and other pests like moths, silverfish, and bedbugs from doing more harm in your home. Conversely, if home liabilities such as those are left unchecked, they threaten you and your fellow home mates. 


Public Open Spaces

Public open spaces are defined as the variety of spaces within the urban environment that are readily and freely accessible to the wider community for recreation. Public open spaces like parks and others have several benefits for mental health. 


Parks and green spaces also provide several mental health benefits. People who spend more time in nature enjoy enhanced cognitive functioning and attention and reduced stress. They are also less likely to display anxiety disorders and depression and more likely to report high levels of happiness and well-being.


Furthermore, open spaces allow people space to walk and have time to themselves in the open air. This way, they can get their daily required Vitamin D from the sun and be more physically active. 



In today’s post-pandemic landscape, health is wealth, which is why the amenities of your residential village matter a lot. Luckily with Prana Garden Villas, a luxurious residential village, there are more than enough amenities to help you get into better shape and, eventually, better health! 


Prana Garden Villas boasts of an open space where you can go walking, play sports with your family, and spend time with them! Aside from the fitness benefits, there are many benefits you can reap from spending time in open spaces. These benefits include a closer way to bond with the community and enjoy the fresh air.


Furthermore, the environment you design at your property should support work-life balance and improve well-being. For example, you can incorporate plants in your yard for a higher aesthetic value. It will also help you reduce stress and anxiety and improves your mood. Another thing you can do is invest in indoor exercise gadgets like dumbbells and a small treadmill so you can watch your steps. 


Wrapping Up

Wellness has plenty to do with a home –  and to a larger extent, the amenities of your residential village. If you want a cozy living space that can allow you an active and healthy lifestyle, you may want to consider a residential village because it can allow you to live an active and healthy lifestyle. 


Prana Garden Villas is the new residential project of Global-Estate Resorts Inc. (GERI)—a subsidiary of Megaworld Corporation—in Sherwood Hills, Trece Martires, Cavite. Named after the Sanskrit word for “vital principle,” it is a residential village that boasts a contemporary Japanese and Balinese architectural theme. With more than 40% of its spaces in green and open sceneries, you can reap mental health and fitness benefits from living there. 

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