“Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

— Billie Jean King

This Champion Feature section highlights our sellers who went above and beyond their targets for each month. Because of their hard work, this is truly the Home of the Champions

Champion Feature of the Month

JV Malicdem-CHampion Feature
JV Malicdem
Property Specialist | Jaguars

JV always has his eyes on the prize: reaching his target sales for the month. He caters to his clients needs well through proper explanation of the project's details, promos, and benefits, and he always makes sure that he would always come through with his promises. http://bit.ly/32Nfdc0

Sherwin Cabrera
Sherwin Cabrera
Property Specialist | Powerhouse

He meets clients without scripts, relying on getting to know his client well and assuring them of the benefits of investing in a project as his sales strategy. Being in Megaworld for over two years now, Mr. Cabrera admits that our sales culture is already part of his system.

Maricris Layug
Maricris Layug
Assistant Sales Manager | Dream Builders

Her secret in closing is to make her clients realize how much they are going to benefit in their chosen investments. Here in Megaworld, she feels rewarded and surrounded by a supportive environment.

Ghilbert Castrillo
Ghilbert Castrillo
Property Specialist | Avant Garde

He imparts with us the wisdom of doing whatever needs to get done, and surely your sacrifices will pay off. He works hard, and uses unique qualities to his advantage in order to give his parents and himself a comfortable life.

Cristy Navarro as top property speciialist
Cristy Valerie Navarro
Senior Property Specialist | Dream Builders

She believes that working hard should be accompanied by working smart and smooth. She attributes her success to her good mentors an support system, and being a good mother her motivation and goal in life

Jennifer Ricafrente
Sr. Property Specialist | Jaguar

She emphasizes the importance of gaining and taking care the trust of her clients. Working hard and attending all her manning schedules have also let her meet her biggest investors

Ivy Sucgang
Property Specialist | Dream Builders

She believes that the secret to success is working smart and giving your 100% best effort

Glydel Myka Chavez
Assistant Sales Manager | Powerhouse

Gives importance to the values of commitment, passion, service, transparency and trustworthiness towards her work and clients

Ken Andrew Mandigma
Sr. Property Specialist | Imperium

Success equation of 1% swerte, 1% talent, and 98% hardwork, resulted in his icebreaker sale

Rosemarie Escultura
Senior Property Specialist | Powerhouse

Living proof that sometimes, blessings just "walk-in" unexpectedly

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